Welcome to Nihonyanagi-Ryokan !

Experience traditional Japanese customs, delicious local food, and warm hospitality at the historical Nihonyanagi Ryokan Inn.

Our establishment, founded by Fukutaro Nihonyanagi in 1933, has been run as a nostalgic and authentic Japanese ryokan inn. Step inside to feel time passing slowly while lingering in the atmosphere of the early Showa era (around 1930s ~ 1940s).

The fourth-generation current owner, Yoshiki Nihonyanagi, has been managing the inn with his family and started to run a handmade ‘soba’ noodle restaurant named ‘Kyuzou’ in 2011.

At lunch time, soba made from local fresh buckwheat flour and kelp soba soup, are offered in the dining area. An entertaining soba-making hands-on workshop is available upon request.

The inn’s corridor, passages, and stairs offer you the feeling of history and the warmth of wood everywhere.

All guests have access to a shared bathroom, restrooms, washing area and a shared refrigerator is available upon request. Wi-fi and parking are also available free of charge.

Some Japanese rooms are divided by antique sliding doors and others are a mix of Japanese and Western styles. Rooms are fitted with tatami flooring, a TV, and futon bedding.

Enjoy the rustic views of our small fishing town and the sea from the rooms.

Meals are served in the dining room on the first floor.

A Japanese breakfast is available upon request for an extra charge. 

“Welcome to Nihonyanagi Ryokan Inn! We are really looking forward to having you!”

Why don’t you stay and savor the retrospective atmosphere of Japan?

This friendly, helpful couple are always ready to extend warm Japanese hospitality.

Owner couple:
Yoshiki Nihonyanagi
Hiromi Nihonyanagi


Our inn is located in the Minamikayabe area on the east cost of Hakodate city, Hokkaido. It is the birthplace of fixed-net fishing and is famous for its world-class kombu kelp production and the ruins of the Jomon Era of Japan.

The Hakodate Jomon Culture Center, where you can view the Jomon clay figures and ancient earthenware including the only national treasure of Hokkaido, is just a 15-minute drive from this inn.

Nihonyanagi Ryokan

64, Toyosaki-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, JAPAN

TEL. +81-138-25-3001

FAX. +81-138-25-5780


〈 Access 〉

By car

About 40 min. from Hakodate airport

About 50 min. from JR Hakodate station

About 60 min. from JR Shin-hakodate-hokuto station (bullet train/Shinkansen station)

Free Parking

In front of the building, across the road, on the sea side (no reservation required).

By bus (Hakodate bus)

From JR Hakodate station: take a bus for Shikabe (via Kawakumi) at No. 6 bus stop and get off at Kurenaibashi (1 hour 23 min.).

*The bus runs every 2-3 hours. 

Our mascot dog, “Daifuku”!

He always welcomes and sees off our guests at the entrance! Daifuku is a Samoyed dog from Russia. His breed is known for pulling sleds with the Samoyedic people of Siberia and possessing a patient, calm character.

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